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Description:   Providing Windows(TM) ports of open source & free software. A repository for development, multimedia and internet tools distributed under free and open source licenses.

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A Form Filler A Form Filler automatically fills in windows as quickly as they appear on your screen! Imagine having: - windows that delay your system start-up automatically dealt with, - pesky message boxes dismissed without you lifting a finger, - password prompt windows securely filled in and then 'Ok'ed, and - a ...

Kitty Litter The Anti Sniffer Kitty Litter The Anti-Sniffer is a 100% FREE software application that prevents hackers from capturing logins and passwords and viewing traffic on your wireless network by spamming thousands of false-leads per second that are unidentifiable from your regular browsing habits. It currently works on all ...

PureJamming PureJamming is a free software in .NET, using free components, intended to help the creation of music sessions, called "JamSessions", offering easy steps to record video and audio sources connected to any computer (Windows PC) using references. Simple selection of audio and video sources, self ...

Rezort Security Rezort Security is a free software. License under GPL. Rezort security is security program for your computer. Running in Windows(R). Rezort Security is portable software and low size. File Encypt/DecyptDirectory CamouflagePassword Generator

Windows Hardware Collector Hardware information gathers application.Check the possibility to migrate this hardware to Linux or any other free software operating system.

Working Time Manager This is free software windows desktop application software help you to keep tracking of your time and manage your task at work, it's small project for this specific target. Custom define working time per weekCustom define standard time per dayCalculate working timeConvert working time into ...

Zong! Free Zong! is a program for music notation. This project contains the free software parts of the Zong! project, which are the Zong! Viewer and the Zong! Player. For more information, visit The Zong! Viewer allows to display, print and playback MusicXML files. It is ...

FREE HTTP Proxy Software for Windows + F FRP-Agent is a HTTP/1.0 compatible WEB PROXY for WINDOWS. It is reliable, extremely lightweight and memory efficent. Included is an EASY SETUP program! it features are dynamic url translation/redirection, agent tracking service, and remote administrati

Free Instant Messenger Server Client This project contain chat server and chat client/admin that works on Windows/Unix.. This is a Free software. Developed by Osama Mohammad Oransa, 2009,contain 3 parts : Chat Server ,Admin and Chat Clients, Based on Java RMI, will support XMPP soon. It contain a chat server, ...

Thai Free Software Directory Thai Free Software Directory Project provides web interface and the engine which can be reuse to the other software dicrectory.

WinPopup Protocol WinPopup Protocol is a protocol plugin for Miranda IM. It allows to send and receive messages from computer to computer without using dedicated servers over Microsoft Network ( SMB ). Its MS WinPopup, net send, VikPoup, RealPopup, Netter etc. compatible.

WinPowerDNS Control WinPowerDNS Control is a small Windows application to manage your PowerDNS server with mysql-backend. Available languages: English, German

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